The Silesia Park has always been synonymous with recreation and active open-air leisure. The multitude of various paths and avenues allow Park visitors to enjoy a wide variety of sports.

In 2012, thanks to EU funding, the comprehensive renovation of the paths in the Silesia Park began. The project included four tasks: the Big Bike Loop, the roller-skating path, the Park Mile path, and the fitness trail. The works were completed in six months.

For the Big Bike Loop and the roller-skating path, the works included painting the surfaces to provide a clear division between the bike and roller-skating paths from the pedestrian paths. A new layer of black asphalt was laid in the main avenues and the lanes were painted on the pavement. The length of the entire section is 6.5 km.

Bike lanes (red) were provided at the Silesian Zoo, towards “Fala” swimming complex, and on the section of General Jerzy Ziętek Avenue between Scouts Avenue and Main Avenue. The lanes are marked with information boards and pavement markings.

In the avenues along the bike route, the bike lane and the pedestrian path are clearly delineated. The width of the bike lane is around 2.5 metres. The remaining width of the avenue is designated for pedestrians. The average width of the avenue on the section where the bike lanes are delineated is 3.5 metres.

The exception is General Jerzy Ziętek Avenue on the section between Main Avenue and the Scouts Centre, where a 4 m-wide bike lane will be delineated in the middle of the avenue, and 1 m-wide roller-skating lanes will be made on both sides of the bike lane. The pedestrian traffic will be redirected to the section at the Great Pond (on the other side of the line of poplars looking from the Dock.

The fitness trail is a series of objects for exercising various parts of the body. Users should move between subsequent objects at a leisurely pace.

The Park Mile is a 1.62 km-long loop around the Great Pond intended for running competitions, with special marking posts installed every 100 metres.

The 1.5 km-long fitness trail was opened at the end of November 2012. Created in the vicinity of Maple Avenue, the trail starts behind the perennial garden and runs to the so-called horse meadow where a large loop was built. The trail comprises 14 objects - rope walking, special bars for exercising abdomen muscles, several standalone rope bridges, an obstacles course, a multi-function hexagon, a crossover course, a climbing wall, exercise columns, a spring footbridge, bars for somersaulting, exercise ladders, and a balance beam.

Expansion of active tourism infrastructure in the Silesia Park in Chorzów

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodeship for 2007–2013.

Source information about the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodeship for 2007–2013 are available at

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