Cost: PLN 153,000

The vegetation restoration project in the Elm Avenue in the Silesia Park is now completed. The stately avenue at the Silesian Stadium, in the vicinity of the Fields of Mars, has received new shrubbery, perennials and trees.

“The contractor made real visual improvements to the place. The area is well prepared, the turf has been stripped, new soil has been added and plantings have started. The works began a month ago and we can already see the effects. The Park is becoming better every day and we very happy about it,” says Agnieszka Bożek, President of the Board of the Silesia Park.

The new avenue will feature 39 Golden Elms (Ulmus x hollandica “Wredei”), as well as Geraniums with purple blossoms (3,840 pieces), crimson barberries (2,000 pieces) and cotoneaster radicans “Eichholz” shrubs, instantly recognizable by their delicate white flowers (2,400 pieces). The space between the plants is packed with pine bark. The avenue will be under the care of professional gardeners who will make sure visitors can enjoy it for years to come.

The works were conducted as part of a larger task - “Survey, revitalisation and maintenance of vegetation in the Silesia Park” which is implemented under the EU programme JESSICA.

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