In the Silesia Park, visitors can check the quality of the air at any time. It is possible with the so-called EcoPosts installed in the park’s avenues. Advanced technology makes it possible to check the air quality on your smartphone before even leaving the house.

Each post serves as an air quality indicator, with the light on top signalling the current air quality on a 6-colour scale: from bright green, which indicates very good air quality and the PM concentration between 0 and 10, to cherry red, which means the air quality is very poor and the PM concentration is above 150.

Other colours on the scale are: pale green - good air quality; yellow - moderate air quality; orange - acceptable air quality; and red - poor air quality.

The EcoPosts are installed in five locations around the Silesia Park: at “The Hat” Exhibition Centre near the outdoor gym; at the 100th Anniversary of Silesian Uprisings Square; in the Stars Avenue on the Petrych Temple side; at the intersection of the Scouts’ Avenue and General Jerzy Ziętek promenade; and in the Giraffe Avenue on the side of the exit into Chorzowska street.

In order to check the air quality, simply download the free “EkoSłupek” app to your device.

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