“Fala” (The Wave) swimming complex modernisation
Cost: PLN 50–60 million
Planned completion: the project is currently at the documentation preparation stage. It is estimated to be completed by 2023.

Scope: Two water playgrounds will be built for children, with geysers, water cannons, fountains and a floating castle with small slides. Older kids will certainly enjoy the so-called wet bubble – an inflated airbag several metres high and crowned with a fountain will be a unique attraction. Of course, the investment project also includes water slides. There will be five in total, both open and enclosed, and the longest will be nearly 100 m long.

The new “Fala” will also welcome swimming enthusiasts who will be able to use three 25-m long lanes. The legendary diving tower will be restored (with two levels at 3 m and 5 m).

Other water attractions include a wave pool, a lazy river, a geyser, a water terrace, and a pool with water jets. The total water surface area in the modernised facility will be a mind-numbing 3,500 square metres.

Guests will also be able to relax on the deckchairs around the beach. The facility will also include a small amphitheatre which will host various cultural events.

The swimming complex will also have a food court, with designated space for food trucks, as well as new cash registers, changing rooms and a roof to protect guests from the sun while they are waiting to enter the swimming complex. “Fala” will accommodate over 2 thousand guests at a time.

The project is currently at the documentation preparation stage. The building plan will be prepared on the basis of the concept. For the investment project to launch, the local development plan must be amended accordingly.

Latest visual model - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTtU_jLb4MA

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