Cost: PLN 180,000

Conservation of the sculptures in the Silesia Park: “The Totem” and the sculptures by Anna Dębska; “Wolves”, “Hinds” and “Grebes”. The conservation works worth PLN 180,261.42 will be performed by a consortium of companies: “Rozeta” Konserwacja zabytków Katarzyna Sułkowska (leder) and “Talent” Gabriela Polewska-Pietrasiewicz

The renovation techniques have been precisely defined and conform to the specification provided by the acclaimed art conservator, Aleksander Harkawy. The materials used will be very similar or identical to the original ones. The project is included in the relevant conservation programmes, and the sculptures are entered into the register of historic monuments.

The “Wolves” sculpture, which creates a composition with Józef Trenarowski’s “Totem”, is now kept in the Silesian Sculpture Gallery. The piece has already undergone renovation; however, the effect was not satisfactory.

After this renovation, the entire composition will be displayed at the renovated Petrych Temple. The “Grebe” sculpture will return to its original site at the “Perkoz” (Polish for grebe) pond near the Perennial Garden, while the “Hinds” will once again be displayed in the Rosarium.

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